Trewince Manor – Roseland, Cornwall

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Summer seems to have finally arrived in Cornwall: to be honest I don’t remember the last time we enjoyed such good weather. The temperature does not drop below 22 degrees during the day and can even get as hot as 30. The sea helps to survive the heat thanks to a light breeze. This week we are at Trewince Manor Holiday Lodges. This is a small time share resort in Cornwall with a couple of dozen nice wooden lodges each with a deck and a patch of lawn and an incredible sea view. The manor house itself is being renovated at the moment as well as the resort swimming pool.

Last week I was managing The Rosslyn Hotel in Falmouth, and the holiday lodges are on the Roseland peninsula on the opposite side of the river Fal. The two places are only 5 miles apart as the crow flies, but 25 miles if you drive all the way by road from Falmouth via Truro or less than 15 miles if you take the car ferry from Trescinick House and Gardens. Time-wise both ways seemed to be identical to me, but as I had never been on a ferry as a car diver before I chose the second option. I left the Falmouth – Truro road and in 5 minutes of driving along a narrow country lane I reached the King Harry ferry. The ferry had just left so I had about 10 or 15 minutes to wait for the next one. A single trip cost £5 for a car and is free to pedestrians and cyclists. The river is quite narrow where the ferry crosses it so in no time I was already on the opposite side, and in another 10 minutes – at Trewince Manor Holiday Lodges.

There are three bedrooms, combined dining room and kitchen and a deck facing the sea. Each lodge has 2 car parking spaces. Additional cars can be parked by the reception. On the one hand the lodges have been built quite close to each other but on the other they have been placed and oriented in a such way so that from the dining room and from the deck you can see the sea and you do not really notice the presence of your neighbours. It is very quiet and peaceful here.

The nearest beach, Towan Beach is about a 20 or even less minute walk away. Yesterday they had a triathlon competition on the coast line, the car park was packed with cars, but surprisingly the beach itself did not seem to be too busy. I paddled in the sea and the water seemed ice cold but in a few moments it felt fine. That evening I swam in the sea for the first time this year.

On Monday we decided to visit St Mawes, which is on the opposite side of the river from Falmouth. Pendennis and St Mawes castles have been guarding the entrance to the river Fal for more than 500 years. St Mawes is a small and idyllic fishing village, and also seems to be a very comfortable place to live. Groups of tourists were wandering back and forth along the Parade, where all the local attractions, including art galleries, restaurants, shops and pubs were welcoming visitors from different parts of the world. Strangely enough with all those people it didn’t feel as if St Mawes was overcrowded, though it was quite difficult to find a space in the car park. Parking costs £1 for an hour or £3.50 for a day, the penalty for not paying is £70. We did not have any change on us so we stopped at a café at the entrance to St Mawes arcade where we had some drinks with Cornish cider cake.

I liked the St Mawes Hotel building very much. We decided to come back to St Mawes the following day and have dinner in one of the pubs. We chose and booked a table on a deck with a sea view at the Victory Inn. We will see tomorrow how good it is culinary-wise. After a pint of my favourite Doombar we drove back to Towan Beach outside our lodge. Today seemed to be much hotter than yesterday, it was a bit difficult to walk over the sand. Today it felt absolutely realistic what the commentator said yesterday during the Murray vs Djokovic match at the Wimbledon, that the court temperature was reaching 50 degrees. I am generally not a big fan of tennis but I watched the final on TV yesterday.

The sea was more rough today, some of the waves were able to knock you off your feet. It felt quite cold again but I managed to get inside and swam for several minutes in the sea. We just need another dozen warm days like this and the sea will become just perfect.

Tuesday was a busy day as I had to go to Thurlibeer and Cannapark to water the plants, feed our animals and do some other things. I got back to Trewince Mannor at 6 pm only, and went straight into the sea. It was quite rough again but I enjoyed it very much especially after travelling for nearly a whole day.

This evening we had our dinner at the Victory Inn in St Mawes. The food was nice: we had liver pate, seared scallops and olives to share as starters, and grilled local fish as our main course. I had a Cornish cheese plate accompanied by port for my dessert. It was all nice but the service was very slow, probably as they were so busy. It took them ages to bring water and starters, I had to remind them about the wine we ordered. After dinner we walked up to St Mawes Castle. St Mawes itself makes a very pleasant impression – it is peaceful and quiet but it is in no doubt a real resort geared to welcoming visitors.

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