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We are currently running redesign works of the CLTD’s pages. The aim of the improvement is to make the Travel directory more user friendly. Some of the sections have already been updated.

A Travel Directory for independent travellers is our latest project aiming to accumulate travel related resources in one place, so that anyone can access the major travel companies, book their travel tickets, accommodation and car hire etc. at the lowest prices. It is nearly impossible to compete with online prices in most cases. Initially Celtic Life’s Travel Directory was created for internal use in order to have travel-related useful links at hand, but its gradual growth brought about the idea of publishing the directory and making it available and free to the public. Come on in and make the most of it. All you need is your self-confidence, realisation of your own independence and a true desire to travel, as well as a banking card for paying or reserving travel services. Currently, the directory contains links to more than 1000 companies providing on-line travel services around the world.

PleCL_TD_banner_300_300ase see the renovated sections:

Accommodation – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_accommodation.php

Air Tickets – http://celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_air_tickets.php

Cruises – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_cruises.php

Entertainment – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_entertainment.php

Experts – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_experts.php

Food – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_food.php

Health – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_health.php

Sightseeing – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_sightseeing.php

We will be grateful for your comments on how to make the directory more useful. Email: info@celticlife.co.uk

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