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Traditional summer nothern adventures – Wales and Scotland 2012

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

It has become a tradition to spend two weeks – first in Wales and then in Scotland in Summer. This time we chose West Wales. Plas Talgarth one of the Macdonald Hotels and Resorts is situated in Pennal on the Southern border of Snowdonia National Park. It took us just five hours to get here from Cornwall. This time we are staying in one of their villas with a luxurious lounge and a large kitchen-diner with terrace. The villa doesn’t look very attractive from the outside but is quite interesting inside. There are four floors or levels here in the villa. Although these houses can accommodate eight people I would not recommend it to a group of more than six people or actually even four or five, because the smallest bedroom has got a bunk bed and is tiny. Read more…

Blog changes – Изменения в блоге

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

In order to present our blog in two languages we had to start literally writing it separately in Russian and in English. From now on the original blog Travels around Great Britan published here in WordPress will be presented in English language only. The Russian version will be available at We will try our best to move all the Russian language texts onto the Russian version and translate or publish the English language texts as soon as possible.

Мы начинаем вести два отдельных блога, один на русском, другой на английском. С настоящего момента данный блог будет представлен только на английском языке. Русскоязычная версия блога Путешествия по Великобритании будет доступна по следующему адресу Мы постараемся в самые короткие сроки перевести все тексты на русском языке и перевести или опубликовать на английском языке тексты в соответствующих версиях блога.