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Turkish delight Marmaris

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

The “Remove borders, and the World is your OYSTER” project seems to become more and more realistic. I am in Marmaris at the moment. It is a very nice part of the world, although a very hot one as well. Some people like it, you can see packed beaches at day time here. I arrived in Dalaman with a charter flight from Exeter last Wednesday. The whole trip started in a very strange way. First of all, I arrived at the airport over an hour or just an hour before the flight. The departure-check-in lounge looked absolutely deserted, I even started thinking that I had messed up everything and had come here on a wrong day, wrong time and to a wrong airport. There was nobody there at all, there was no even a single member of staff at the check-in desk there but there was the last piece of hope present there – the paper sign at the beginning of the “pass way” to the check-in desk saying “DALAMAN”. Finally some people arrived and were quite surprised to find some extra holiday makers willing to fly away to Turkey that evening. Read more…

Jubilee weekend in Polzeath

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

The whole country was celebrating HM 60 year rein jubilee, loads of people went to London to take part in the celebrations and we went to Polzeath in a caravan and spent three days on the camp site literally 100 m away from the beach. Even though it is just an hour may be even less journey when towing a caravan from Bude we arrived quite late and were the latest guests landing that night – it was a 40th anniversary of a very good friend, she had her first party-holiday or holiday-party in Spain (see our trip to Andalucia). We booked our space at the camp site ages ago, probably in February. I was quite amazed, it was nearly full. On Monday one of the guys at the reception told us that there were over 600 cars on their car parks. Read more…

Spanish adventures: Andalusia and Gibraltar

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Although I am a huge fan of travelling around Britain, and there are still so many places to explore here, we do travel abroad sometimes. I think that I should not limit myself with just one country, I need to travel around the world, discover the undiscovered, familiarize with customs and culture of other countries. And there is another good reason to go abroad – Celtic Life has started organizing trips for our customers around the world. The title and the content of the blog will remain the same but I have started thinking about developing a new project “Remove the borders, and the world is your oyster”. Read more…