Spring is back in Bude

July 5th, 2015

I have completely forgotten about this post written in May:

What a lovely day today. Yesterday the wind was strong, the clouds were grey, the ocean was rough but today it is a different story. It is Saturday today and Bude is packed with tourists. Last weekend we went to BED (Bude’s End Destination) – Bude’s night club. Big fun, also it was good to see many people there.

It is one of the evenings when I feel so comfortable being at home. The whole week was a real gift? it was sunny and warm – real springtime. Бьюд (Bude) was packed with people, locals and tourists, visiting it for Easter holidays. It is great to see the town being alive, all the cafes and restaurants full of people. And people is everywhere – on the beach (some are surfing and some are even swimming in the sea), at the cafes and restaurants, just everywhere. There were so many having a BBQ on the beach in the evening – the air had a mixed smell of the ocean salt and BBQ smoke. Lovely.

This weekend I am in Falmouth, it is a bit cooler outside but still sunny and Spring is all over the place. Central beach was also full of people. There was a group of youngsters padding on surf boards across the bay, some people were also swimming. There is a very nice cafe Gylly Beach Cafe on that beach – a very popular place, I have never seen it empty, every time we go there we have to queue and to find a table on the deck facing the sea.

It was just a wonderful week full of Spring.

Celtic Life’s news – Celtic Life’s Travel Directory update

January 14th, 2014


We are currently running redesign works of the CLTD’s pages. The aim of the improvement is to make the Travel directory more user friendly. Some of the sections have already been updated.

A Travel Directory for independent travellers is our latest project aiming to accumulate travel related resources in one place, so that anyone can access the major travel companies, book their travel tickets, accommodation and car hire etc. at the lowest prices. It is nearly impossible to compete with online prices in most cases. Initially Celtic Life’s Travel Directory was created for internal use in order to have travel-related useful links at hand, but its gradual growth brought about the idea of publishing the directory and making it available and free to the public. Come on in and make the most of it. All you need is your self-confidence, realisation of your own independence and a true desire to travel, as well as a banking card for paying or reserving travel services. Currently, the directory contains links to more than 1000 companies providing on-line travel services around the world.

PleCL_TD_banner_300_300ase see the renovated sections:

Accommodation – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_accommodation.php

Air Tickets – http://celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_air_tickets.php

Cruises – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_cruises.php

Entertainment – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_entertainment.php

Experts – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_experts.php

Food – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_food.php

Health – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_health.php

Sightseeing – http://www.celticlife.co.uk/CLTD/cltd_sightseeing.php

We will be grateful for your comments on how to make the directory more useful. Email: info@celticlife.co.uk

Trewince Manor – Roseland, Cornwall

July 8th, 2013

Summer seems to have finally arrived in Cornwall: to be honest I do not remember we have been spoilt by the weather this way last time. It does not get below 22 degrees now and eve can get as hot as 30. The sea helps to survive the heat thankfully to a light breeze. This week we are at Trewince Manor Holiday Lodges. Read the report here.

WOYSTER – The Travel Community

July 6th, 2013

I have been thinking about this project for quite a while. I am glad that finally I have found the right type of software, that is able to make my idea real. I do understand that it is only the very beginning and some of my thoughts, my vision of the project will change, and that is good as it is alive. I would like to welcome everyone who joins it. Lets build our community together.

Celtic Life Limited is launching a new project WOYSTER. What a strange name you may say. Easy to decipher: Plan your trips with Celtic Life Limited, the World is your OYSTER. The WOYSTER project is being born due to several factors. First of all, although I love Britain I cannot limit myself. I am cosmopolitan, I need to travel abroad, I need to see and try the way other people live. I want to eat local food – my memories of going to the fish market or spice bazaar in Istanbul, or vegetable market in Southern Europe, seeing all the varieties of local produce, trying them, buying them will never fade away. Secondly, despite the presence of different tourism web portals, communities, magazines etc. I want to create my own travel world, share my my own experience of visiting this or that country. And finally I want to create a travel club for independent travel agencies and tourism companies similar to Celtic Life welcoming travellers or organizing their trips around the world. I would also like to invite tourists and travellers to join this project. I think it should be open to anyone, to all people of good will, for those who want to explore, enjoy travelling and discovering unknown and unfamiliar places.

At the beginning WOYSTER will be presented in English only but with the plans of making it multilingual.

Please join WOYSTER, it is free, there are no restrictions on placing information on your business here, on the contrary I would like people to meet here, arrange and plan their trips. This is the boundaries free project. Do write about and discuss travel related and other topics here, but please remember to be polite, do not place links or texts promoting violence, porn, child abuse, crime, drugs, discrimination etc. Be sensible and kind, respect others and enjoy yourselves, and Welcome to WOYSTER!

Traditional summer nothern adventures – Wales and Scotland 2012

July 15th, 2012

It has become a tradition to spend two weeks – first in Wales and then in Scotland in Summer. This time we chose West Wales. Plas Talgarth one of the Macdonald Hotels and Resorts is situated in Pennal on the Southern border of Snowdonia National Park. It took us just five hours to get here from Cornwall. This time we are staying in one of their villas with a luxurious lounge and a large kitchen-diner with terrace. The villa doesn’t look very attractive from the outside but is quite interesting inside. There are four floors or levels here in the villa. Although these houses can accommodate eight people I would not recommend it to a group of more than six people or actually even four or five, because the smallest bedroom has got a bunk bed and is tiny. Read more…

Blog changes – Изменения в блоге

July 1st, 2012

In order to present our blog in two languages we had to start literally writing it separately in Russian and in English. From now on the original blog Travels around Great Britan published here in WordPress will be presented in English language only. The Russian version will be available at http://www.celticlife.co.uk/blog_en We will try our best to move all the Russian language texts onto the Russian version and translate or publish the English language texts as soon as possible.

Мы начинаем вести два отдельных блога, один на русском, другой на английском. С настоящего момента данный блог будет представлен только на английском языке. Русскоязычная версия блога Путешествия по Великобритании будет доступна по следующему адресу http://www.celticlife.co.uk/blog_en/ Мы постараемся в самые короткие сроки перевести все тексты на русском языке и перевести или опубликовать на английском языке тексты в соответствующих версиях блога.

Turkish delight Marmaris

June 23rd, 2012

The “Remove borders, and the World is your OYSTER” project seems to become more and more realistic. I am in Marmaris at the moment. It is a very nice part of the world, although a very hot one as well. Some people like it, you can see packed beaches at day time here. I arrived in Dalaman with a charter flight from Exeter last Wednesday. The whole trip started in a very strange way. First of all, I arrived at the airport over an hour or just an hour before the flight. The departure-check-in lounge looked absolutely deserted, I even started thinking that I had messed up everything and had come here on a wrong day, wrong time and to a wrong airport. There was nobody there at all, there was no even a single member of staff at the check-in desk there but there was the last piece of hope present there – the paper sign at the beginning of the “pass way” to the check-in desk saying “DALAMAN”. Finally some people arrived and were quite surprised to find some extra holiday makers willing to fly away to Turkey that evening. Read more…

Jubilee weekend in Polzeath

June 23rd, 2012

The whole country was celebrating HM 60 year rein jubilee, loads of people went to London to take part in the celebrations and we went to Polzeath in a caravan and spent three days on the camp site literally 100 m away from the beach. Even though it is just an hour may be even less journey when towing a caravan from Bude we arrived quite late and were the latest guests landing that night – it was a 40th anniversary of a very good friend, she had her first party-holiday or holiday-party in Spain (see our trip to Andalucia). We booked our space at the camp site ages ago, probably in February. I was quite amazed, it was nearly full. On Monday one of the guys at the reception told us that there were over 600 cars on their car parks. Read more…

Spanish adventures: Andalusia and Gibraltar

June 17th, 2012

Although I am a huge fan of travelling around Britain, and there are still so many places to explore here, we do travel abroad sometimes. I think that I should not limit myself with just one country, I need to travel around the world, discover the undiscovered, familiarize with customs and culture of other countries. And there is another good reason to go abroad – Celtic Life has started organizing trips for our customers around the world. The title and the content of the blog will remain the same but I have started thinking about developing a new project “Remove the borders, and the world is your oyster”. Read more…


Корнуолл, показываю любимое графство

March 23rd, 2012

Последние два дня пришлось много работать, но работать с огромным удовольствием – я показывал туристам компании наше графство.   В качестве “базы” на этот раз выбрали Newquay (Ньюки), остановились в небольшом семейном отеле практически в центре города, в двух минутах хотьбы от железнодорожной станции. Хозяева Chynoweth Lodge очень гостеприимны. Утром предлагают английский завтрак, как положено с яйцом, сосиской, беконом, грибами, помидором и картофельной котлетой. Один минус – кофе натуральный, но слабоват.

В первый день путешествия мы проехали по северному побережью – смотрите карту нашей поездки здесь. Начали свое путешествие с деревни Boscastle (Боскасл), которая расположена вдоль устья небольшой речки Valency River, спускающейся к океану с холмов, и которая, может превратиться в огромный и мощный разрушающий поток, как показала практика одного из сильнейших наводнений, практически разгромившего деревню в августе 2004 года. Достопримечательностью деревни является музей ведьм или колдовства. Отсюда также открывается захватывающий вид на океан. В деревне раположено несколько пабов с хорошей кухней, а также сувенирные магазины.

Далее мы отправились по побережью в Tintagel (Тинтаджел) к замку короля Артура. Неизвестно был ли тот Артур, имя которого начертано на кельтском на найденной сланцевой плитке, именно легендарным королем, но место является магическим или заряжающим энергией. Мне кажется, с этим трудно поспорить. После посещения владений справедливого короля мы отобедали в пабе супом и салатом из местного краба.

Следующим местом назначения стала рыбацкая деревня Port Isaak (Порт Айзек),  известная своими узкими улочками, на которых причудливым образом настроены коттеджи, в основном миниатюрные и забавных форм. Деревня знаменита своим рыбным рынком, который, на самом деле является небольшим магазином, продающим свежая морская рыба, крабы, моллюски и прочие обитатели. Однако, магазин уже закрыли, когда мы приехали. Посещать его стоит с утра. Деревня знаменита, по крайней мере, в англоязычных странах тем, что здесь снимаются многие фильмы и сериалы.

Далее мы отправились в деревню Polzeath (Ползэт) – один из любимых пляжей среди серфингистов, окончанием программы знакомства с северным побережьем было устье реки Camel. Сначала мы заехали к парому на стороне Rock (Рок), где расположен один из лучших гольф клубов, а также современный ресторан, а потом мы перехали на противоположную сторону в деревню Padstow (Падстоу), туристическое место, в котром открыли рестораны ведущие рестораторы Соединенного Королевства. На этом первый день знакомства мы и закончили.

День второй оказался с точки зрения погоды не лучшим – туман, да дождь и дождь, да туман. Cмотрите карту поездки. Первым делом мы поехали к краю земли посмотреть театр на скалах The Minack Theatre (Минак), что в переводе с кельтского означает скалистое место. театр современный – построен в тридцатые годы прошлого столетия. На территории театра раскинулся небольшой сад, а из зрительского зала открывается необыкновенный вид на море, скалы и песчаный пляж.

Следующим по программе был замок великана на горе St Michaels Mount. Дорога выложена к нему из булыжников. Во время прилива попасть на остров можно только на лодке, в часы отлива – пешком по  дорожке. замок открывается для посетителей с 26 марта, поэтому он нас порадовал только видом со стороны. Пообедав в пабе с видом на замок, проядя в доль озера, которое облюбовали лебеди, утки, журавли, кролики и еще, не весть, какая живность, мы поехали в нашу столицу – славный город Truro (Труро). Столица, она – столица. Куча машин и людей. Мы, конечно же, посетили собор, наличие которого и делает Truro  CITY, а не TOWN. В соборе выставлена забавная картина, под названием “Корнуолл место святых”, к нам в момент ее обсуждения подошла служащая и сказала “Это точно, в Корнуолле больше святых, чем на небе”, имея в виду, что у нас действительно, куда не направь стопы, обязательно попадешь в место с названием, начинающимся на St (Святой). Посмеялись. Вот и день два закончился.