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Here at Celtic Life's On-Line Travel Agency you can book air tickets, hotel rooms and ferry tickets worldwide.

At the end of 2012 Celtic Life Limited signed an agent agreement with the Swiss travel agency RUS E-Tickets SA, the owner of Anywayanyday air ticket booking service. As a result of this agreement Celtic Life Limited launched its own On-Line Travel Agency offering customers air tickets to destinations around the world at very competitive prices.

Hotel rooms reservation system is based on the MetGlobal hotel reservation platform and is operating under the affiliate agreement between Celtic Life Limited and MetGlobal signed in 2013. We can offer rooms at more than 150,000 hotels in nearly 200 countries

In 2013 Celtic Life Limited also signed an agreement with The Travel Gateway Ltd, provider of the aFerry.co.uk booking service, which allows the company to offer our customers ferry tickets on many local and international routes around the world.

Should you need our assistance please refer to the Contacts section of the site, where you can also leave us an instant message.

Celtic Life Limited has got travel agency agreement with many travel and tourism services providers around the world, including:

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